Google Home Smart Home Integration (Google Home, SmartThings, Harmony Hub, and IFTTT)

December 3, 2016 Keith 42

I recently posted a video on YouTube demonstrating several smart home integrations I configured with Google Home, SmartThings, Harmony, and IFTTT.  The video was created, with quick turn around, based on a recent exchange I had with the fine people at SmartThings @credendino Hey Keith, we’d love to highlight your #GoogleHome and SmartThings set up! Would you mind sharing a video? ? — SmartThings (@smartthings) November 8, 2016 I’ve since received several requests, via the YouTube comments, to detail my configuration/setup. As a result, I’ve decided to put together this post to help answer the many questions received. Before I jump into the details, I’ll first list out the different components used within the demonstrated ecosystem. (I do have other smart-capabilities configured, but I will keep this post centered on only those demonstrated in the video. I’ll save other integrations, such as my garage door or alarm system, for possible […]