It is not where we stand, but which direction we are going

Leadership: Challenging the Process

December 16, 2010 Keith 1

A recent memo I distributed to my team that applies to all walks of life and leadership in general (semi-edited for this audience): Over the last few months I have read and listened to numerous articles, books, and podcasts regarding change and leadership. A book titled The Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, and some writings from Andy Stanley really stood out to me. They spoke about the need to challenge the status quo. The biggest item I took away from all of these readings is this: Progress is preceded by change, and change is preceded by challenge. Therefore, you must challenge the status quo for change and progress to occur. Taking this all into consideration, it is important that I, and we, create an environment that provides the freedom to challenge the current process. I am one person and the way I interpret things and […]