Priority Club Rewards Windows Phone 7 App Launched

July 6, 2011 Keith 1

I’m proud to announce the launch of IHG’s first Windows Phone 7 application. I personally believe there is a lot of potential for the Windows Phone OS. They may be late to the game, but their initial release, coupled with what they have done with Mango, clearly demonstrates Microsoft’s capabilities and commitment. The agreement Microsoft made with Nokia is going to pay tremendous dividends; Nokia has traditionally provided some great hardware and I expect them to continue that trend. The first Nokia WP7 device, dubbed Searay, looks great. Rumor has it they are working on a QWERTY device as well. (That will be big for users like me.) I’m not the only one thinking Microsoft has a great opportunity ahead. The IDC is forecasting Windows Phone 7 sales to bypass iPhone sales by 2015. I continue to be impressed with Microsoft’s aggressiveness as it relates to Windows Phone 7 and […]